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I'm Maria. My home is 4,168 miles away from me in Heidelberg, Germany. I'm intrigued by the universe and the beings in it. I'm fond of cats, the stars, and anyone or anything that can make me laugh.


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Why would I act happy if I am happy?
Happiness is about so many things. I spent years depressed, wishing I was dead. I’m actually in a great place surrounded by people that will come to my house at 3 in the morning if I called them to tell them something’s wrong. I’ve got nothing but good vibes and good people in my life. My happiness is based around everyone around me and myself. Things are well and I am well. No one can tell me anything. I swear there will always be people on this world that’ll dull your sparkle and those people are the people that need to be gotten rid of. Since ive done that i’ve reevaluated some things, put in perspective what matters to me and stuck to the things that make me happy. I’m down almost 15 pounds now, i’m happy, i’ve been healthy and that’s all I ask for.

To be honest I could sit and fight back but what do I get out of that? Negative energy. My life is great. I have amazing friends, an awesome boyfriend, amazing experiences, and a family that gives me everything I need and more. Why waste my energy on someone that’s petty and sad.
I’ll pray for her though


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