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I'm Maria. My home is 4,168 miles away from me in Heidelberg, Germany. I'm intrigued by the universe and the beings in it. I'm fond of cats, the stars, and anyone or anything that can make me laugh.

I feel like i’m so alone in this. No matter how much I care, you don’t.
It’s actually pathetic how I can’t sleep and how anxious I am every night because of you and you’re fast asleep in your bed, not thinking of me at all.


My lovely new tattoo done by the even lovelier laurajeangraham at Lady Luck Tattoo in Portland, OR ♥

one hundred ash tray hearts

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Brand New // Limousine

Superkilen, by Topotek 1, BIG, Superflex Architects in Copenhagen.

It’s funny how things end and how other things begin. Or how some things begin even when you don’t necessarily want them to but because you have to move forward. Have being the most important word. Even if it kills you sometimes things aren’t an option anymore and no matter how in denial you are about it, it wont change the fact that you have to keep moving forward. I think this is the biggest learning experience for me. Most things that you think will last forever, wont. No matter how badly you may have wanted something or someone, one day they wont be there and your forever went by faster than you’d think. What do you do after your forever is up? I wouldn’t know but I sure hope I find a way to mend my heart without it leaving me too bitter to give it to someone that won’t destroy it.

In my whole life, you’ll always be what I wanted most.
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(or does it not affect you at all) 
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