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I'm Maria. My home is 4,168 miles away from me in Heidelberg, Germany. I'm intrigued by the universe and the beings in it. I'm fond of cats, the stars, and anyone or anything that can make me laugh.


the fords’ basement 

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Some pictures I took of a friend yesterday on my shitty Nikon. My Cannon was completely dead but I like the way they turned out

Big Poppa
This is beyond beautiful

I have the hardest exterior but right now I am so broken and I don’t want to admit things haven’t been going great for my father because I don’t think i’ve fully grasped how severe his cancer is.
I am on edge 24/7 and idk how much more I can take of him crying or being hurt all of the time. It’s truly heartbreaking. I’ve always been daddy’s little girl and having to imagine myself without my daddy breaks my heart into a million pieces

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NASA released a satellite image of india in the evening during the festive holiday of diwali, the celebration of lights.
Woodstock. August 1969.
They laugh until laughing makes them kiss.
They kiss until kissing makes them laugh.
Sarah Ruhl (The Clean House)

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